Privacy Screen glass panels

Privacy Screen glass panels

Privacy screen glass panels are required by building standards in Australia. Acid etched glass is commonly used for this application, however there are environmental factors to be considered with acid etched glass. We stock standard sized 1700mm tall ceramic frost privacy screen glass in 10mm toughened glass.

The benefits of a ceramic frit far out way the use of acid etched glass and include:

  • Environment. No acid is used in the production of ceramic frost glass
  • Cost. The cost is similar and becomes a moot point
  • The look. I have both acid ceramic frosted glass and acid etched glass in our showroom and even the experts cannot tell them apart.
  • Ceramic frost glass is harder wearing and does not become clear under any circumstances, whereas acid etched glass does go clear in multiple circumstances

Regulations on privacy screens vary by council/shire but they all follow the same 4 principals;

  • The cone of vision must be no more than 45 degrees. This means the limits of outlook from any given viewpoint, applying a viewing cutting off point of no less than 45 degrees (See FIG 1.0 below).
  • The maximum visual permeability allowed for a privacy screen is 20 per cent.
  • All privacy screens must meet a minimum height requirement of 1.6 metres above finished floor level.
  • Setbacks are not sufficient alone to prevent overlooking and need to be supplemented by various screening measures. A setback refers to the distance a dwelling is setback from its boundaries and is determined by the cone of vision.

Screening can be done either by fixed louvres/slats or translucent/opaque glass.

Frosted Ceramic Privacy Screen glass panels

Frosted ceramic is a finish that is baked onto glass to provide greater privacy then acid etch.  Frosting allows light to be transmitted through the glass whilst providing significant privacy. Frosted Ceramic is a very neat finish and is a more robust finish then acid etched glass. Frosted ceramic is perfect for high traffic areas such as offices, meeting rooms, doctor’s surgeries, shopping centers, shower screens, balustrades or glass curtains and partition walls.

We also hold standard sized 10mm toughened glass ceramic frost privacy screens in 1700 high. We have sizes 950, 1000,1100 and 1200 mm wide so we are sure to have in stock your privacy screen needs

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