Custom stainless Posts and fabrication

Clear Glass Solutions offer custom manufactured stainless steel balustrade posts/stanchions/ connectors according to our client’s requirements from stainless steel including SS304, SS316, SS316L and SS2205 duplex grades. Whatever you can think of, we can most likely manufacture for you.

We have introduced automated polishing machines which has significantly increased our capability to manufacture and deliver a superior product and in shorter lead times.

The automated polishing machines offer NON directional Satin finish as the polishing machines work forward and back as well as side to side. The finish is excellent. Satin finish #4 and a chrome mirror finish #8 of 800 grit is the standard that we work too.  The addition of the automated polishing machines has increased our capability and consistency of finish

Laser cutting and water jet cutting machines give us excellent options for all cutting requirements. Our water jet cut finish is machined after the cut and before polishing and the finish is now equivalent to our laser cutting. With lengths 3000mm long, widths of up to  600 wide and a thickness of 50mm, our potential is enormous. Further to this, we have many clamping and connector systems held as inventory and can create mould’s for any lost wax casting requirement

Manufacture and automated polishing  Capability:

Maximum Width 600mm

Maximum length 3000mm

Maximum material thickness 50mm SOLID bar

#8 chrome mirror finish 800

#4 Satin /Brushed finish 400 Linish

Laser cutting up to material thickness of 25mm

Water Jet cutting up to material thickness 50mm