Glass Balustrade Systems

glass balustrades

Glass Balustrade Systems

Glass balustrades offer clean clear views with a minimum of structural interference. Clear Glass Solutions have balustrade systems to meet compliance on any building be it commercial or residential. Our glass balustrades systems can be frameless, semi frameless or fully framed.

Balustrade systems/ unrestricted views/ Privacy screens

We supply glass that is clear; color tinted and frosted glass including patterns which combined with our multiple structure support options provides almost endless choices.  Australian Standard AS1288 and design loads from AS/NZS1170.1 must be complied with. Our balustrade systems utilize toughened glass, heat strengthened glass and laminated glass.

Base Rail Channel Systems

Our CGS Smart rail is strong, attractive and simple to use. This system has been very well received  by all who have used it. 


Our stanchions are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel. We have several options available that can be used in conjunction with our patch fittings or spider fittings. Our IDAFG range of spider fittings are designed to be used with flat bar stanchions or round post stanchions. Our IDAFG spiders can have a front fix or side fix offering choices on how your balustrade is installed. The IDAFG spiders are the fixing of choice for architects and designers who are seeking an attractive, stylish and unique balustrade system.

The PFGN single arm spider fitting is designed for flat bar stanchions and generally uses our SFHB-M12 glass connector.




curved & bent glass