Crackled Ice Glass or shattered laminate glass is a new product released by Australian Glass supplier Clear Glass Solutions. Shattered triple laminated glass is a unique glass where the middle inter-layer is shattered whilst supported by 2 outside panels

Crackled Ice Glass is a triple laminated toughened glass . We intentionally explode the middle panel to create a wonderful effect that we call ICE GLASS. Either side of the exploded panel is a PVB inter layer and toughened glass. This process leaves a strong glass that looks amazing.

Shattered Glass can be used for many purposes including facades, canopies, balustrades, glazed windows, display boards, table tops, benches, furniture and the  list continues.

We can also supply this product to use as a glass floor If we use SGP inter layer in place of the PVB inter layers. SGP is a structural inter layer that holds its own shape even when the glass around it has been broken

Ice Glass