Curved & Bent Glass

Curved & Bent Glass- 

Clear Glass Solutions are curved & bent glass specialists offering a range of curved glass options for the Australian market.

We are total glass suppliers who supply curved glass ranging from toughened glass through to high performance laminates all of which can be curved to your individual needs. This extends to Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s or double glazed units).

Not only is curved glass a creative form of design in for any building, Clear Glass Solutions can supply curved glass in many colors, thicknesses and radius's so almost anything is achievable. Our custom laminating options include graphic designs on ceramic frosted glass and high performance inter layer’s for curved laminated glass.

Price Advantage:

Curved glass is considered a high end product, too expensive for many commercial and domestic projects so has been overlooked on occasions when it would have been the most suitable glass type. Clear Glass Solutions has made curved glass affordable with many curved glass options that are surprisingly inexpensive. Nobody beats us on Price and Quality!!

Architects - Specifiers

Architects, designers and specifier’s can take advantage of our curved glass range and create the aesthetic that sets a project apart from others. We work with architects and designers to find that perfect combination of color, thermal, and acoustic properties for any sized project.

Talk to us at Clear Glass Solutions and see if we can assist you to find that perfect winning option of our curved glass

Product Information

    • Curved and bent glass is available but not limited to the following glass types
    • Toughened glass. 6,8,10,12,15,17,19 and 22mm toughened glass
    • Annealed Glass
    • Heat Strengthened glass
    • Electric Glass- switchable glass
    • Low-e glass including Sunergy and Planibel Glass
    • Acid etch glass
    • Ceramic Frit Glass including graphic designs and patterns.
    • Laminated glass including low-e glass, and colored interlayer high performance laminates from laminate suppliers such as Dupont , Saflex  and Sekisui.
    • Laminated safety glass
    • Laminated toughened glass in clear and tints
    • Insulated Glass Units in many make ups
    • Dupont SGP Sentry glass structural interlayer for hurricane and high wind areas or areas where unframed laminated glass is required
    • Maximum Panel sizes 2400 * 4500 NEW INFO  maximum panel sizes of 3300 * 6000
    • Bends available are cylindrical and non cylindrical.
    • Radius down to 1000mm and tighter for some glass types
    • We can machine holes,  simple cut outs  and complex cut outs

Curved toughened furnace #2 capability

capability 1: maximum size in 5600 x 2440mm, Minimum Radius is 1200mm.

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curved & bent glass