Insulated Glass Units

Clear Glass Solutions supply Insulated glass units for glass facades, commercial windows and residential homes.

Clear Glass Solutions manufacturing facility has current AS/NZ 4666 and AS/NZ2208 standards

Our manufacturing facility has been audited by facade engineers Aurecon, Meinhards and Arups .

Double Glazed Units – Insulated Glass Units

double glazing IGU's can comprise all of our glass types and any combination of glass can be used. This includes our pyroltic low-e glass and switchable glass.

Double Glazing is two sheets of glass that are sealed together to create a single glazed piece with an air space in between them that help trap heat between the two panes. The air pocket essentially acts as an insulating barrier thereby improving the energy efficiency of the double glazing IGU's.

How effective is double glazing?

Double glazing can make a big difference to comfort levels in your home. Combined with insulation in the walls, ceiling and floor, double glazing your windows and doors will help keep temperatures stable and reduce heating and cooling costs.

By double glazing a window with clear glass, you can halve the heat loss compared to a single-glazed window of the same size and shape. You can reduce the heat loss further by using different glass types (such as Low-E glass) and using argon gas to fill the space between the two panes of glass.

Double glazing also helps to reduce condensation.

Double glazing and noise reduction

Double glazing can also help to reduce noise levels, particularly in the medium to high frequency range (including voices). However, double glazing on its own won't filter out loud or low-frequency noise such as that from traffic.

More effective noise reduction can be achieved by using thicker glass or by using laminated glass (some laminated glass comes with a thick acoustic inter-layer). The gap between the panes can also be increased for more effective noise insulation, but this reduces the effectiveness of double glazing as a heat insulator.

We have an extensive range of very high standard double glazed units. Double glazing is the ideal solution for exceeding the 5 star energy ratings. All of our glass can be made into double glazed units comprising all glass types and sizes:

  • Sizes from 300 * 300 to a maximum 2440 * 3500
  • Aluminum frame thickness: 6 , 9 and 12mm
  • Compositions including laminated glass, low-e glass, toughened, heat strengthened, switchable, tinted, low iron and reflective glass
  • Structural silicon sealant used
  • The list of double glazed units is almost endless

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