Low Iron Glass

Clear Glass Solution's Low Iron Glass. The difference is completely and totally clear!

When you first see low iron glass, you will notice the distinct difference to normal float glass. The color is clear, free from any green tinge that is so apparent on glass, especially when seen sideways as this picture clearly demonstrate.

Low iron Glass is sold under many brand names. The product is generally the same with the same main key ingredients.  One of these main key ingredients used to manufacture float glass is Silica sand that has naturally occurring iron oxides which gives glass a greenish tint. The thicker glass is, the more noticeable the green tint.  A  special silica sand is available that has significantly lower amounts of iron oxides present and therefore the green tint disappears. The result is a glass that is clearer, increases light transmission and is brighter. We have not put a brand name to the glass. Other companies have, however, we have chosen to stick with the basics and offer the product as it is manufactured.  We call it by its known name and that is low iron glass.

Low Iron Sentry Glass

What is available and what is our commercial advantage?

Our manufacturing facility is fully accredited and licensed to supply SGP structural interlayer using ultra clear glass. This is where we are in a position to save our clients so much money for this product. Our price, quality and service has no comparison.

Cut to the chase. I need glass! What can we do to service you?

  1. We  will make glass to your custom needs
  2. We will cut edges, make shapes, insert cutouts and rakes to your custom needs
  3. We offer options of PVB, EVA and SGP interlayers
  4. Our advantage is simple. PRICE/ Quality and Range
  5. We can do totally flat edges. Glass feels like its 1 piece of glass. See H&M Melbourne.
  6. PRICE! Systems! facades/ balustrade/

We offer the best in choice price and solutions. keep it simple! keep the price down. This is what we do!