Self Cleaning Glass

Self cleaning glass is an application that we apply to our glass to keep the surface free of dirt, grime and fingerprints.  A two step cleaning process where organic material is broken down by daylight and is then washed away by rain. The forces of nature work to clean the glass making it environmentally friendly and very easy to maintain

There are many advantages to self cleaning glass; the main of course is that you do not have to get out the bucket and cleaning products on a regular basis.

Self Cleaning Glass Advantages

  • Uses UV light and rain to break down organic dirt and wash it clean away from the glass surface.
  • Windows stay cleaner for longer, saving you time, effort and money on
    the laborious chore of  window cleaning
  • Permanent self-cleaning coating lasts the lifetime of the window
  • Ideal for windows and hard to reach areas such as conservatory roofs, balustrades, windows or high-level glazing
  • Stubborn marks are easier to clean, even without detergents
  • Less frequent cleaning — windows stay cleaner for longer
  • Much easier cleaning — less dirt and grimes adheres to the glass
  • Save money — the cost of window cleaning is reduced
  • Ideal for hard to reach areas — such as roof and canopy glazing
  • The most neutral self-cleaning glass available
  • No unsightly tint or reflective surface — looks just like normal glass
  • Environmentally friendly — less frequent use of water and detergents

Clear Glass Solutions can supply self cleaning glass for commercial projects in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

We can supply self cleaning glass for domestic projects in Melbourne, sydney and other states depending on the volume

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