Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable glass- Switch glass

Switchable glass is glass that is white( frosted)  and cannot be seen through. Once the power is applied, the glass turns clear and is impressive to see.

We have switchable glass on display available for viewing at our Pakenham Showroom. Come in to see touch and feel the  glass at 19B Tarmac Way Pakenham 3810.

Our switchable glass is the latest generation and we use only the best quality films available

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Product Description: Switchable laminated glass Colors available:

  • White, Smoke grey, Blue and Green.
  • We supply Mirror Reflective Switchable and Switchable blinds
  • Flat glass and Curved glass available

Applications: Internal use such as boardrooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and room dividers. External use in applications when used in an IGU combined with Low-e glass. *refer to potential for haze in glass

Electric switchable glass has a simple task that has such impressive results.

Our electric switchable glass changes from white obscure glass to clear glass in the blink of an eye. The applications for this product are significant, ranging from windows to office meeting rooms and even showers or toilets.

Imagine a shop or showroom window that becomes a projection screen at night. Free advertising all night. The advertising opportunities are enormous. The limitations are purely your imagination

Switchable glass from Clear glass Solutions can be used internally as laminated glass or externally as part of a double glazed unit. Significant energy efficiencies can be gained by using switchable glass laminated with Low-e Glass.

Switch glass Product Information

Electric Glass has a function that the transmittance of the glass can be controlled by electrical switching. At The same time, they have a function of the real projection screen whereby images can be projected onto the glass eliminating the need for projector screens or white walls.

Electric glass is transparent when switched on and opaque when switched off.

Safety: Electric glass is a laminate glass, so can be used with toughened glass becoming safety laminate glass.

Environment: Resist more than 90% infrared radiation and more than 98% UV-ray.

Sound-Proof: Electric glass and the film can effectively block all kinds of noises.


Max Size: W 1800mm * H 3300mm , Option of : W 1200mm*H3200mm

Glass Spec: Annealed Laminated Glass, Toughened clear glass, toughened Low-Iron Glass , toughened Tinted glass, Insulated Glass Units

Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,12mm depending on area for use. Laminate thicknesses can therefore be in any variable utilizing these glass thicknesses.

Curved Switchable glass capabilities: We can curve annealed laminated switchable glass to a minimum radius of 500mm. Curved toughened switchable glass is not an option.

Curved Insulated Glass Units: Curved insulated glass units are possible.

Insulated glass units Size Options: In a double glazed unit, we normally use 9.14mm laminated switchable glass. Therefore the most common size for an IGU is 6mm clear, 9mm air gap and 9.14 switchable giving a total width of 24.14mm. Many other configurations are available

Laminate inter-layer Thickness: 1.14mm

Operating Voltage: AC110V

Frequency Range: 50HZ  ~  60HZ

Amperage: 100mA per square meter

Power consumption: 7W per square meter

Transformer size: 171mm * 155mm * 76mm

Switch Speed: Less than 1 second Optical Performance

Transfer between Frost and transparent through switch

Parallel Light Transmittance: 75% Power on, 10% power off

Sunlight transmittance: 80% power on, 60% power off

Haze: 3% power on, 82% power off

Glazing to the exterior and wet interior conditions must be wet-sealed and
impervious to moisture with provisions to allow for weeping of condensation that
may infiltrate the system

* When the application is a double glazed unit, the manufacturer suggests that a low-e glass is best used as the external glass to protect the switchable glass from UV and direct sunlight. Haze can occur on most coated glass.  Low-e glass does have haze that can be apparent, especially in direct sunlight.  Haze gives the appearance of a white milky effect, and/or uniform, layer of dust deposited on the surface of the glass. The effect is more noticeable when the glass is viewed at an angle and especially under strong light. In this application, you are adding haze from Low-e glass onto haze that is normal with switchable glass. We advise any client to come and see the glass before purchasing as haze could be a determining factor in your decision to purchase and is not a basis of warranty claim.

The correct silicon MUST be used.  Switchable Privacy Glass shall NOT be structurally silicon glazed. Structural silicon is not approved for this glass type. We supply the correct silicon with every order and no warranty claim is recognized when alternatives are used. 

UV block: more than 98%

Visible Angel: 130 degree Operating environment   - 20 degree to + 60 degree

Life-span: More than 50,000 hours in transparent state in internal use applications. Panels tested to 1,000,000 cycles without any noticeable change in operation. Panels tested to 3,000,000 cycles noticed an increase in haze leading to loss of clarity when in transparent mode

Quality Guarantee: 24 months.

Applications: Hotel Bathroom, Indoor rooms spacer Office partitions, curtain walls, facades, conference rooms, meeting rooms, Hospitality Projection, Restaurants, gymnasiums etc

Download Switchable glass Technical details pdf

switchable glass wiring diagram with remote


Switchable Glass Controls:

You can choose a variety of glass control methods, such as: remote control, wall switch, light sensor, voice control, mobile phone APP, etc. In addition, you can also choose a frequency modulation transformer to gradually control the dimming of the glass