Tranquility Glass

"Tranquility  Glass" - THE only glass solution for effective noise reduction for Offices, Buildings and homes

Our world is full of noise. Traffic, machines, people and the environment all contribute to the sounds around us. Soundproofing in buildings is becoming more of a necessity with the diversification of lifestyles and increased concerns for privacy. We need a glass that reduces sound transmissions. Clear Glass Solutions have the solution utilizing Sekisui S-Lec Sound acoustic Film and this glass is  'Tranquility glass". Tranquility glass is a laminated glass that uses a special inter layer to dampen noise transmission.


In 1996, SEKISUI successfully developed the S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film sound control interlayer film that dramatically increases sound insulation performance. This film has been well received for architectural use in housing, offices, schools, and commercial facilities.

How Does Tranquility Glass with S-lEC sound acoustic film work?
S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film sound insulation inter layer film is achieved by the three-layer extrusion technology that produces a film consisting of a sound insulation layer (core layer) and two layers of standard interlayer film (external layers) that sandwich the core layer. With this technology, the sound insulation performance of the film is improved while it also maintains the basic performance of standard interlayer films.

Advantages of "Tranquility Glass"

  • Sound reduction. Keeps noise out.
  • Keeps meeting rooms private! Limits the potential of overheard conversations
  • Tranquility glass can be used with our Low-e Glass for superior thermal efficiency
  • Tranquility glass can be used with our reflective glass
  • Tranquility glass can be used in Insulated Glass Units IGU’s
  • Ideal for privacy screen, partition walls, meeting rooms, work points in Offices
  • Ideal for glass facades
  • Ideal for factories or warehouses with Offices/display rooms or sales areas attached

Sound minimization!.

A human's most audible sound ranges from 1000 to 4000Hz.  Our SLEC Acoustic Film achieves 5dB of sound control effect that is higher than those of normal interlayer films.

*Most distinctively high sound control performance in human's most audible sound range from 1000 to 4000Hz

*5dB of sound control effect at the maximum compared with other normal laminated glass


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