Spider Fittings

Spider fittings and spider assembly Supplier Australia

We supply a large range of spider fittings and architectural spiders for the Australian façade, canopy and balustrade markets.


SPIDER assemblies: STANDARD AND CUSTOM structural SPIDER Assemblies and Point Fixings

Clear Glass Solutions have a complete range of spider fitting assemblies for major projects in Australia. Our spider fittings come complete with technical drawings and the ability to manufacture custom fittings which provides a level of creativity in design.

Our assemblies are cast from the highest quality 316 grade stainless steel. Castings undergo rigorous testing ensuring superior appearance, quality and performance.

We manufacture custom fittings if required. Whatever you requirements, give us a call to see how we can help you.

The different series of spiders shown here are indicative only as most of our spiders are available in many sizes.

Clear glass Solutions can offer architects and specifier’s a total package of glass and fittings. In a time of budget restraint, we can assist significantly in reducing the material cost of your next project, be it commercial or residential.


Spider fittings range:

Spider series range in the length, width, offset and strength. We supply light medium and heavy duty spiders.

The different series accommodate arm to arm lengths starting at 100mm apart to over 400mm apart. The series also vary by how far the offset is so that you can space your spiders the correct distance from the structure.

Routel Connectors:

We also supply a large range of routel connectors for monolithic glass, laminated glass and Insulated glass units.

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