Spigots / Mini Posts

Clear Glass Solutions are a leading Australian supplier of Duplex 2205 stainless steel glass fence spigots for frame-less glass fencing and glass balustrades. We have 28 models at present and we supply contractors and owner builders and are proud of our range of spigots for frameless glass applications. We have been supplying the Australian market since 2006 and have a proud history of supplying the best product at a competitive price with exceptional service

Clear Glass Solutions have spent considerable time and resources developing our spigot / mini post range. Our partner invented the spigot and when you purchase from us, you are buying the real product and not a cheap copy.

We are suppliers of commercial architectural hardware so we have leading factories who manufacture our spigots. The material that we use in our spigot range is simple the best that you can get. Our quality control measures ensures every batch of  spigots has chemical analysis testing performed to ensure our grade of stainless steel is at the upper level of stainless for the grade.




We have many different mini posts available for practically any application.

Our pressure plates are fully integrated into the walls of the spigots. Engineer designed and approved

Our spigots use shaped UV rated nylon gaskets for longevity, strength and performance

Options include:

  • Core Drilled Versions
  • Surface mount, deck spigots
  • Face mount options
  • Satin Finish
  • Chrome mirror finish
  • Matt Black Finish

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