Stainless steel core drilled Spigots

Spigot Range

Duplex 2205 stainless steel Core Drilled Spigots

Clear Glass Solutions are a leading supplier of quality stainless steel spigots for the frameless pool fence and balustrade market throughout AUSTRALIA. We Ship same day as the order is placed. You are Buying directly from the Designer, manufacturer and importer.

We have been working with the same manufacturing companies since 2006 resulting in a long term established relationship of quality, function and design

Clear Glass Solutions sell direct to commercial contractors and owner builders.
We have been the leader in innovation and design of mini posts since 2006. My partner invented the spigot . A compliment to us is that so many others have copied our products and innovations

Spigot design and Functionality:

Clear Glass Solutions have spent considerable time and resources developing our spigot range for the Australian Market. We are suppliers of commercial architectural hardware so we have leading factories who manufacture our spigots and guarantee material composition. Additionally our engineers have designed every aspect of the spigot for performance, strength and durability.

The material that we use in our spigot range is simple the best that you can get. Our quality control measures ensures every batch of spigots has chemical analysis testing performed to ensure our grade of stainless steel is at the upper level of stainless for the grade.

Market leaders and innovation:

Many companies have copied our designs. Some successfully and others simply do not understand the importance of the engineering involved in the clamping system, wall strength and grout flow. We know what we are doing which is why we have been doing this for so long

Our spigots use Neoprene or nylon gaskets for longevity, strength and performance.
The benefits of these mini posts are time savings on installation and the sheer aesthetics. There are no plastic shims or pressure plates to manually insert. There is no twisting of the shims when pressure is applied as happens in other outdated systems. Our system locks on quickly and easily. Our spigots are simply the best friction fit spigots that we have designed or even seen from any other supplier.
Actual model may vary from images pictured and drawings as we are constantly making improvements and adjustments for superior performance

Other models include"