Decking spigots are an excellent option for glass pool fencing and glass balustrades where a surface mounted option is required

Frameless glass Decking spigots are a popular choice for clients seeking unobstructed views and elegance of design. They can be used with and without a handrail depending on the application. This is a key area

Clear Glass Solutions offers 3 spigot mini posts for decking situations utilizing 12 and 15mm toughened glass. We offer both a friction fit versions and a bolt through hole in glass design for thicker glass types

The applicable Australian standards are AS1926 ( pool fencing) and AS1288 ( balustrades) and this is the key area where most spigot suppliers fall down because they simply do not know or appreciate the standards and the requirements. We DO know the standards and hence we don't buy the lightweight designs where profit is the priority when suitability and application are the priority.

We offer both square and round versions in Mirror chrome, Satin and Matt Black.

Material: Our decking mini posts are manufactured from either Duplex 2205 or SS316 marine grade stainless steel.
Finish: Matt Black, Chrome Mirror Polish and Satin Finish available.

Friction Fit System. No holes required in the glass for top mounted mini Posts
F40 Mini Post is for side mounted applications and requires 2 holes in the glass

Our F62 and F72 decking mini posts are very popular and are the spigot of choice by architects, builders, contractors and the DIY market.

The major benefits of these spigots are:

  1. Manufactured from quality stainless steel. Full technical analysis is performed on random samples in each batch and any irregularities result in full reproduction. You can rely on the quality of the stainless
  2. Fully integrated pressure plate system. The pressure plates are built into the side walls rather then as a drop in plate with rubber or nylon shims.
  3. Shims formed for the system so no gap appears in the glass when installed. Shim on outer wall is already attached. Ease of installation!
  4. Wet weather seals are not required due to integrated system which is the failure of many inferior products
  5. Base plates have 8 holes including elongated holes allowing for adjustment
  6. We are a trusted supplier having been in this industry for 16 years without any quality or manufacture issues
  7. Mini Posts available for commercial and domestic applications.