Stainless Steel Fittings

Clear Glass Solutions supply Stainless steel patch fittings for glass canopies, balustrade systems, glass facades and glass fence applications.

Clear Glass Solutions are an independent Australian company supplying glass and stainless steel fittings for residential and commercial applications We supply but are not limited to the following stainless steel fittings

  • Patch fittings
  • Spider fittings
  • Routel connectors
  • Stand off bolts, Boss bolts
  • Balustrade post clamps
  • spigots mini posts
  • Rigi clamps
  • Glass gate fittings
  • Hydraulic gate hinges
  • Self closing magnetic gate latches

Our fittings are generally available off the shelf. However some clients require products that are custom made and this is a service that we offer for larger scale production

When combined with our glass products, we are able to provide a full compliment of prodcut for your next project

  • Glass Types
  • Curved and Bent glass
  • Switchable electric glass
  • Architectural and aesthetic glass solutions including tinted, obscured, switchable and patterned glass
  • Toughened laminates including curved toughened laminate glass with inter layers from Saflex and Du Pont and Sekisui
  • DigiGlass Digital printed glass
  • Self Cleaning glass applications for all of our glass types.
  • Custom glass including holes, rakes and cutouts for any commercial or domestic glass

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